How often should I have my machine serviced?

Posted on by Anya

Working behind the Scenes We recommend that our rental machines are serviced every six months, this is included in the monthly rental price. We don’t contact you to arrange a service. WHY? because only you know when it is the best time to service it, the last thing you want is for us to turn up and shut your machine down for approx. 1 hour, when you are in the middle of a busy service. Ring us and we will book you in, usually in the same week or at a time when it is convenient for both of us, unfortunately we cannot book a service outside of 9 -5 Mon – Fri.

Glasswashers and dishwashers.
The cleaning and day to day maintenance isn’t part of the rental contract, that is up to you to do. At the end of every day your machine should be drained, once it is empty and only when it is empty should you remove the filters for cleaning. Do not use any detergents to clean the inside of the machine, this causes foaming, it can also be toxic leaving chemicals to mix with the detergents that the machine uses.

Ice machines and bottle coolers.
When cleaning ice machines, we don’t recommend that you take the top off to clean, as damage can occur, this is best left to us. You can clean everywhere else, with either a sterilizer that is safe and requires no washing off with water or an ice machine cleaning liquid specifically designed for the job. Milton is what we use for sterilizing the bins. Care must be taken with ice machines as the water bath on them (in the top of the machine) must be emptied and cleaned when not in use for any length of time to prevent legionnaires disease.
When cleaning bottle coolers, again a sterilizer that kills bacteria is best. When not in use for longer periods, always leave the door ajar, otherwise they smell and end up a breeding ground for bacteria.
We here at Crystal Bar Equipment have a team of friendly, highly professional experts that would love nothing more than to lend a helping hand in any way they can, and a tremendous stock of incredible machines ready and waiting to be delivered and installed to you. Make sure you don’t wait to get in contact as soon as you can.